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Anise (Fennel Bulb) w/Tops 
Asparagus White 
Baby Beets w/Tops CandyStripe 
Baby Beets w/ Tops Gold 
Baby Beets w/ Tops Red 
Baby Bok Choy 
Baby Carrot Peeled “Crew Cut” ☺
Baby Carrot w/Top Planet (Round) 
Baby Carrot w/Top Rainbow 
Baby Squash Sunburst Lb 5 Lb Call
Baby Squash Zucchini Lb 5 Lb Call
Beans Chinese Long Lb 10 Lb 
Beans Fava 
Beans French [Haricot Verts] 
Beans Green 
Beets Candy Stripe Bulk 
Beets Gold Bulk
Beets Red Bulk 
Broccolini ( Aspirations ) 
Brussels Sprouts
Chard Swiss RED 
Cucumber English[Hot House
Endive Belgian 
Gari, Pickled Ginger 
Garlic Black 
Garlic Peeled
Kale Tuscan / Lacinato 
Kohlrabi Green
Mushroom Bluefoot 
Mushroom Chanterelle
Mushroom Enoki
Mushroom Hedgehog 
Mushroom Hen of Woods
Mushroom Hon Shimeji Brown 
Mushroom Hon Shimeji White 
Mushroom Huitlacoche FROZEN 
Mushroom Morel
Mushroom Oyster
Mushroom Shitake 
Mushroom Trumpet Royal 
Mushroom Yellowfoot Lb 1
Onion Cippolini Peeled 
Onion Pearl White Peeled
Parsnips Bulk 
Peas Snow 
Peas Sugar Snap 
Pepper Habanero 
Pepper Red Fresno 
Pepper Shishito Lb 
Pepper Thai Chilie
Pepper Veggie Sweets Lb 
Potatoes Fingerling Red 
Potatoes Fingerling Purple 
Potatoes Fingerling Yellow 
Potatoes Fingerling Mix of 3 
Potatoes Marble Mixed 
Potatoes Purple A-Size
Potatoes White A-Size 
Potatoes White B-Size 
Potato Yellow Marble 
Potato Yellow Pee Wee 
Potatoes Yukon Gold A-Size 
Radish French Breakfast 
Radish Watermelon 
Root - Celery Root
Root - Daikon Root
Root - Ginger Root 
Root - Horseradish Root Lb 
Root - Lotus Root Lb 
Root - Malanga White Lb 
Root - Salsify Lb 
Root - Taro Lb 
Root - Yucca Root
Shallots Peeled 5 Lb Jar Ea 
Squash Acorn
Squash Butternut 
Squash Delicata Lb 20 Lb 
Squash Kabocha 
Squash Spaghetti
Tomatoes Grape Red 
Tomatoes Heirloom Cherry
Tomatoes Heirloom 
Tomatoes Kumato "Mini" 
Tomatoes Yellow 
Watercress Living
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